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Bio Tev


The TEV SYSTEM 123 cleaning system is a patented product of the company
Bio Tev which is a creation of inventor-researcher Timoleon Venetsianou.

The inventions and innovations of Mr. Venetsianos move within the framework of sustainable development and have been widely applied, with enormous success and international recognition.
The company's goal is to contribute to solving the economic crisis and climate change.

The two main areas of Bio Tev are the implementation of Waste Management and the Management and Enhancement of Biotechnological products.

• Waste management
Bio Tev's Integrated Waste Management is an innovation and a valuable addition to the field, as it offers solutions to stakeholders for several categories of waste for which there was, until recently, no recognized management method (such as waste from olive mills, cheese factories, etc. ).

• Biotechnological products
Bio Tev
Integrated Waste Management enables operators to create highly effective marketable products, such as powerful cleaning/disinfectant liquids (TEV SYSTEM 123) and high nutritional value fertilizers.