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Tev System 123
Sewage Network Cleaning System
Powerful ecological liquid for clogging - Degreasing - Disinfecting - Disinfecting - Deodorizing - Mycicidal


TEV SYSTEM 123 is characterized by its versatility and the possibilities of actions it offers at the same time and its application, unlike most products on the market that are limited to a specific action. It is a Greek patented product, completely environmentally friendly.

ACTION: The effectiveness of the TEV 123 system is based on an exothermic reaction process, which produces heat, saponification of fats, high pressure and active oxygen foam that neutralizes germs, odors, insects and even rodents.

Important information!
The temperature achieved by the TEV 123 is controlled up to 60 degrees Celsius (temperature that the water heater usually reaches).
PVC pipes are guaranteed to withstand up to 90 degrees Celsius, so there is no chance of pipe damage.